Art and Empathy Workshop. Photo by Daniel Kim

Art and Empathy Workshop. Photo by Daniel Kim

Education & Consultancy

Taking Tacheles   by Ariel Kavoussi and Justin Kavoussi

Taking Tacheles by Ariel Kavoussi and Justin Kavoussi

I help people to see and use stories. As a narrative consultant, I suggest narrative strategies for anyone looking to develop or identify a story in their work, mostly for writers, artists, and filmmakers during their pre- and post-production phases of their projects.

My partner, Maggie Lemere (Nowhere to Be Home, Editor), and I also facilitate workshops on oral history theory and methodology. We develop workshops uniquely designed for both individuals and organizations to create and implement oral history projects. You will find a sample description of a workshop we've developed below. If you'd like us to develop an oral history workshop suited to your needs, or want consulting on your oral history project, please contact me

The Art of Empathy and the Empathy of Art: Oral History Methods and Applications

In this workshop, we examined oral history theory and methodology through the many creative ways in which it has been practiced. Using empathy, power dynamics, and intersubjectivity as thematic lenses, we began the workshop by discussing the meaning of oral history; its differences and similarities to journalism, documentary work, therapy/social work, and other fields that use interviewing; and how oral history methodology may be applied within some of these other fields. Next, drawing upon our experience working on various oral history projects in both the U.S. and abroad, we took workshop participants through the process of designing an oral history: project planning, interview strategies, interpretation and analysis, creative applications, and archiving.