An Autobiography in Hyperlinks

I thought I'd use my first news post to tell you a little about myself but I wanted to give you an alternative to what you can find in the about section of this website. I've always been attracted to hyperlinks, especially as keyword tags that categorize content on websites like youtube or flickr. There's something so community-oriented about the idea of tagging something. When you're uploading a youtube video, for example, and you start tagging it, you are contributing to the expansion of the communal definition of that word or term you are tagging. You are adding to the world's definition of "activism," or "freedom," or "lolcats." Hyperlinks not only tell others something about yourself and the work you made (or didn't make but found compelling enough to post online anyway), but it connects you to a community of shared definitions. 

So in the spirit of tagging and hyperlinks, I thought it'd be fun to create an autobiography, just through hyperlinks. These are my "tag words." What are yours?


storytelling, oralhistory, narrative, filmgeek, newyorkcity, korea, american, korean-american, woman, girl, poem, idol, muse, mentor, columbia, laguardia, naturalhistory, anthropology, photography, art, doglover, humanrights, comedy, audio, radio, movie, writing, flatbushstatenisland, partner, colleague, magazine, popculture, tech, politics, time, coneyisland, media, feminismidentity, connectionbrooklyn, community, family