WordPlaySound: On 24-Hour "Viruses"


Today I got the news that one of my audio poems might be featured in WordPlaySound's Spring podcast! Stay tuned for details!

If you don't know what WordPlaySound is, I highly recommend checking it out. It's an awesome quarterly audio magazine that features artists and writers from around the world, in an effort to literally give them a voice. I'm not explaining it very well (on print) because it's something that very much has to be listened to. So do it.

Some food for thought I heard on WordPlaySound (December 2012): "With new media such as podcasts, content has a really short shelf life. I'm not sure what that shelf life is, maybe 24 hours, maybe a week. Two or four if you're lucky. But it's tiny. It might even be measured in minutes and hours, not days and week. The term viral is coveted in this business. But to me, it's hollow. Going viral means nothing more than a flash in the pan. Something that catches our attention for a split second, something that's cause for mention in a casual coversation. But forgotten." For media creators out there, I pose a question: Do you want to be as known as Gangnam Style, Madonna, the Beatles, Shakespeare, or the Bible?