Archives Unconference, NYC, September 6

Here is an interesting event happening September 6, in New York City, at Barnard College (taken from the NYC Archives Unconference website):

The NYC Archives Unconference is a free event open to anyone interested in archives, to be held at Barnard College on Saturday, September 6th, 2014. What’s an unconference? We like THATCamp’s definition:

…an unconference is a highly informal conference. Two differences are particularly notable. First, at an unconference, the program isn’t set beforehand: it’s created on the first day with the help of all the participants rather than beforehand by a program committee. Second, at an unconference, there are no presentations — all participants in an unconference are expected to talk and work with fellow participants in every session.

Some components of the NYC Archives Unconference–a few workshops and other sessions–will be organized ahead of time, to allow us to allocate resources for them. However, the majority of sessions will be proposed, selected, and scheduled by participants–that’s YOU– in the days and weeks leading up to the unconference, and on the day of the unconference itself. We’re so excited to host a day that’s all about archives and features a diversity of voices and ideas.

We are also hoping to make this unconference as accessible as possible, particularly for archives students and new professionals. It is open to anyone interested in archives and is completely free. We are also trying to facilitate travel to and accommodations in New York City for any out-of-towners, and all sessions will be held in ADA-accessible facilities. Moreover, to ensure that the Unconference is a supportive and comfortable space for all participants, the day will be governed by a code of conduct.

The unconference is made possible by our fantastic sponsors–Barnard College; Queens College, City University of New York; the Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York, Inc.; La Salle University; and AVPreserve–and our tireless planning committee: Alex Duryee, Alexandra Dolan-Mescal, Allie Janvey, Brigette Kamsler, Chris Arena, Dana Gerber, Dan Brenner, Dinah Handel, Erin Allsop, Jenny Ferretti, Jenna Freedman, Kristen Mapes, Leonora Lange, Martha Tenney, Maureen Callahan, Michael Miles, Natalie Pantoja, Nick Pavlik, Rachel Harrison, Rebecca Goldman, Ryan Mendenahll, Sara Howard, Shannon O’Neill, Susan Kline, and Tamar Zeffren. Thank you also to Barnard College’s wonderful events management team. And finally, special thanks to our workshop leaders: Alex Duryee, Kathryn Gronsbell, and Shaun Trujillo!

On this site you can register, submit a session proposal, see the schedule and proposed sessions, see a list of registered participants, get information about travel and accommodations, read the code of conduct, and get updated on news about the unconference.

If you’re so inclined, please RSVP to and share our facebook event page and tweet, using the hashtag #UnArch14!

If you have any questions or concerns not address on this site, please email