Psalm XOXO  by Lola Kalman (interview subject), still

Psalm XOXO by Lola Kalman (interview subject), still

Taking Tacheles   by Ariel Kavoussi (interview subject) and Justin Kavoussi

Taking Tacheles by Ariel Kavoussi (interview subject) and Justin Kavoussi

Self. Expression. 

Self. Expression. is a feminist archival project focusing on the narratives of women artists who make work that explores their identities. 

This project is born of two desires. Firstly, I'm interested in the narratives of women who examine, deconstruct, and/or take charge of their own representation through their chosen creative outlets. For a very long time, without even realizing it, I've been obsessed with women artists who used their lives as an inspiration for their work. I've often found myself asking, In what way is the artist's work a part of her identity? What can we tell, if anything, about an artist by looking to her art? What are the parameters of artwork when the artist uses herself as her primary subject? There's quite a bit of scholarship around these types of questions, yet I've never felt satisfied with any of the answers they offer. So this project is my attempt to find my own. 

Secondly, I want to add to the knowledge base of women's contributions to history. Today, as we are starting to recognize the traditional gender bias of the historical record, I feel compelled to do my part in breaking that tradition.

In this project, the artists interviewed have full ownership of their interviews, and they can choose to make it available to the public in whatever capacity they wish through Creative Commons licenses. The project itself is also open and public, and I welcome anyone to contribute, as both an interviewer and an interviewee. The archives have yet to find a home, but if you are interested in participating in or housing these archives, please contact me.