Paul Bucha  interview, signature image

Paul Bucha interview, signature image

West Point Center for Oral History

Leroy Petry  interview, still

Leroy Petry interview, still

As Chief Editor for the West Point Center for Oral History, I got the privilege of being able to contribute to the premier archive for US military oral histories. Using high quality digital recordings, we produced hundreds of fascinating video documents of US military and political history through the recollections of the very people who have lived it and for the everyday civilians affected by it. The narrators range from World War I veterans to present day policymakers.

All interviews are posted online and if you want recommendations on where to start, I would say GEN Antonio Taguba gave a fascinating account of his military career which ended after his comprehensive report on the Abu Ghraib scandals leaked to the press, Sebastian Junger, journalist and director of Restrepo offered a unique civilian's perspective on war, and Robert Campbell Jones told a harrowing story of endurance in his recollections of his time at the Hanoi Hilton.