Wild Women: Stories from Women on Forefont of Wildlife Conservation

Who are the Jane Goodalls of this generation? Wild Women: Stories from Women on the Forefront of Wildlife Conservation weaves together the personal life histories of female wildlife scientists and conservationists with the stories of the species that they work with. From village-based activists uncovering knowledge about elephants on the Thailand-Burma border to American Ph.D.s running a wildlife rescue center in Malawi, Wild Women will highlight a diversity of conservation stories and contribute to a world where children grow up believing in their capacity to pursue science and build a better planet.

In each episode of Wild Women, which will use a mix of live action footage, archival imagery, and animation to accompany the narrative, children will discover the story of how an amazing woman fell in love with wildlife and then successfully built a career in conservation. How did she first connect with wildlife and become impassioned about their welfare? What steps did she take to pursue her dreams? What does she dream of now? And how can young people grow up to do what she does today? By intertwining each woman’s personal story with real-time examples of her work in the field, children will not only see and learn the practical pathways involved in turning an early love for animals into a meaningful career, but they will also learn to appreciate the natural world and the ways in which people are hard at work to conserve it.

Watch a TEDx talk my partner in this project, Maggie Lemere, and I gave about why it's important to see more and better media portrayals of women in science.